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Physiotherapy for Triathlon or Multi-sport injuries…..

Physiotherapy plays an integral role in athletes training and competing in Triathlons or any Multi-sports (swimming, cycling, running, weight training). We are not only there for treating injuries but play a massive part in preventing. To understand you as an individual athlete and your specific demands is of great interest to me. Trying to work around limited time and training optimally is therefore very important.

I am a firm believer that quality over quantity sessions is the answer not only to prevent injury but to perform at your best. Whether you are a novice or an elite athlete, you will benefit from analysis and assessment of your running, swimming, cycling and wait for it… your strength training technique.

While we are at this point, you cannot do all these disciplines or a single discipline without combining it with a specific strength training program to fit your individual needs. Every person has his or her unique posture as well as biomechanics (the way we move) and will therefore benefit from a customized training program.

If you want to take it a step further, the benefits of training with specific heart rate zones and power zones contribute to train at optimal level. Focusing on these as well as on running dynamics such as cadence (number of steps per minute), GCT (time of the having the foot on the ground), Stride length and many more can also help to predict as well as prevent injuries. This may sound very complicated but in fact it is not and that is why I am here to help.

As technology change so does the knowledge in terms of training, if you use this to your advantage you will be able to train more effective, pain-free and this makes the journey more enjoyable. 

What we can offer you at Bh Physio-

  • Digital custom-made strength training programs
  • Running analysis and correction
  • Optimizing cycling
  • Interpreting and analyzing running dynamics
  • Education regarding Triathlon/multisport training and competing strategies
  • Injury prevention screening
  • Rehabilitation of injuries
  • Treatment of injuries acute and chronic
  • Sport massage 
  • Dry needling
  • Shockwave therapy
  • Determining heart rate zone for cycling and running
  • Training programs in collaboration with @sydneymultisport 

Prevention is better than a cure. Get started today