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Buying new shoes

Is looking for new runners really that simple…..

Here are a few things to consider before purchasing your next pair…

Shoe dynamics-HTTD (heel to toe drop)

                            -Composite and material of sole-back/mid/front

                            -Heel support

                            -Arch support (Neutral/anti-pronating)

                            -Space of front/forefoot 

                             -Running Dynamics 

External factors-Type of runner- Cadence or strider

                             – GCT-ground contact time






These are only stating a few factors to consider….

It is important to make an informed decision and we are here to help!!!

Buying new Runner??

When we look at buying a new pair of shoes it is not as simple as it seems. If you are an entry level athlete, it will differ from an intermediate to top end or high-profile runner. It is therefor important not to buy the shoes that looks pretty or may feel comfortable to wear. There are two different type of runners, namely cadence and striders. The profile of the shoe plays a big role not only in absorbing the shock generated by the so-called landing phase but having the correct shoe will assist in the push of phase.

When you have a low cadence, you are at a much higher risk of injury with a sole profile with a low heel to toe drop as this makes the calves work much harder and may cause common seen injuries to the knee, ITB and Achilles tendon. 

As technology is more assessable by the public and the use of devices such as Garmin or SUUNTO, it makes it easier for us as professionals to evaluate and give more accurate advice on running dynamics and predicting injuries. By changing cadence, ground contact time, stride length etc. we can have an impact on your performance and preventing injuries and make you achieve your goals in less time. These details can assist in making the correct decision in buying the correct shoes.

Feel free to reach out for advice on shoes, running and biomechanical analysis to make running fun and effective!! Train don’t strain….

Prevention is better than a cure. Get started today